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Android POS PC Frequently Asked Questions

Android pos pc; It is a system developed to accelerate business in businesses. With the system that works with touch screen, you can control the processes such as customer tracking, stock tracking in a short time and maximize your expectations. Android pos pc, which can be used in businesses with all other sales points, especially in businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bars, markets, is a system that allows staff to place orders on the servant in the cash register and in other departments through hand terminals. It is a system that can work with the addition of optional equipment such as cash drawer, magnetic card reader, customer screen and printer. Android pos pc, which allows the operation speed to increase with 10 ” 15 ” 15.6 ” 17 ” 18.5 ” 21.5 ” touch monitor options, can be adjusted in different models according to the demand of the enterprise thanks to its adjustable screens.

Open Galaxy touch. Choose Tools clear and 4 point calibration. Touch the 4 dots that appear on the screen. After completing this process, press OK.

Android pos pc has android 5.1.1 version.

The ram of android pos pc is 2gb.

Yes, android pos pc compatible with barcode scanner.

The capacity of android motherboard is 8 gb.

Yes, can be increased with micro sd.

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