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Our company, which has been operating since 2006, has obtained the patent of the POS CLASS brand since 2012 and started its own import. It has taken its place in the hardware industry.

We have been exporting since 2015 and bringing many countries together with POS CLASS quality, a Turkish brand. We serve our customers abroad with all our sensitivity, as well as in the country.

Along with our wide range of products, we also hold POSTÜRK, SCANTECH, ANKAPOS, ERAPOS, BOXPOS, QUANMAX, HEROJE, ZYWELL brand patents.

With our TURKISH DOMESTIC PRODUCTS CERTIFICATE – CAPACITY REPORT, we are happy to serve our country and our customers with the benefit of being producing our pos group products in our country.

As DESMAK TECHNOLOGY A.Ş., we have put our signature under many projects with the business pride of presenting our commitments to our customers on time and with full quality.In today’s technology age, we appeal to those who are striving to make the commercial system faster and more efficient by offering the best. As DESMAK TECHNOLOGY A.Ş., we use all our possibilities so that computer systems, which play the biggest role in rapidly changing technology, can be used more effectively and at full capacity in the commercial field.

We have created our own Import and Export market by specializing in Restaurant & Market – Retail Automation Systems, Data Collection Systems, Factories, Hospitals, Public Institutions and Establishment projects since our establishment. We have produced very comprehensive and professional solutions that can meet all the needs of the business in the sector. We added new pride to our quality portfolio with customer satisfaction.

As DESMAK TECHNOLOGY A.Ş., we continue to develop and grow day by day with our Izmir Headquarters, Technical Support and Factory, as well as our Istanbul Regional Directorate, Warehouse and Technical Service, and we make investments and increase our workforce to become one of the leaders of the sector without breaking our line. We prove the quality of service to you with satisfaction, trust and sensitivity in the companies we have worked with, with our original equipment, our designs reflecting modernity, our genial, disciplined and experienced colleagues, each of which is the leading company in the sector.

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